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Winter Maintenance

Frozen Fountain

Don’t let this happen to you! WINTERIZE Your Fountains and Birdbaths

Concrete has an inherent tendency to expand and contract with climatic conditions. Extreme and rapid changes in temperature and humidity can adversely affect your concrete products. 4 Seasons Pottery‘s concrete products have been manufactured with the weather in mind. The concrete mix contains fiber and mechanical additives that enhance the elastic qualities. However, concrete products left exposed to icy conditions may crack or flake due to water freezing and expanding along the surfaces.

Our concrete products will not crack due to weather if you follow these simple rules:

1) Do NOT allow water to collect and freeze in your concrete (fountain and birdbath bowls/shells/pools, planters and saucers)!

2) Do NOT allow your concrete statuary or pedestals to sit in a pool of ice!

3) If your concrete product cannot be stored indoors during the winter, then you must protect it from ice collection or exposure.

4) You must first remove all of the water from the fountain or birdbath.

5) Place some absorbent material (rags, blankets, towels, burlap bags, etc.) in each bowl to collect any condensation.

6) Cover all of the fountain bowls (and pool, if present). For birdbaths, turn upside down to prevent water from entering.

7) It is also recommended to cover chimineas (or move them indoors) to prevent water from freezing in them.


We sell fountain covers in various sizes (see above photo).

For cracked fountain bowls and birdbath tops, we sell replacements.

We also offer our services to winterize your fountain for you.

Please contact us if you require further assistance.


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